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Use of advanced technologies in a RF and Microwave Engineering course








BROWSE_DETAIL_CREATORS: Aydın, Elif (Author), Çağıltay, Nergiz (Author),




RF and Microwave engineering course, curriculum design, remote laboratory, simulation tools


In RF and Microwave Engineering course, usually students struggle to build connections between the theory they have learned and practical applications in the laboratory. The laboratory applications are usually very limited for hands on experience since the high cost and maintenance requirements of the equipment. Additionally, new engineers need to know how to use at least one engineering design tool in order to practice designing RF components, circuits, or antennas. In this study, a curriculum model including recent developments and technologies in the RF and Microwave Engineering field by addressing above problems of the course is proposed. This study covers the description of the content of theoretical and hands on applications, the integration model of the technological tools into the proposed curriculum, and the instructional approaches used in the new course design which covers the use of a remote laboratory environment, Concept Maps and an engineering design tool. The course is structured with a balance between theory and laboratory, including remote and in lab measurement experiments as well as modeling and designing microwave components by means of computer tools and design fabrication. The newly designed course is implemented at the Atilim University. The first semester implementation shows promising results.





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