Full Compatibility with International Standards

  • MiTOS is fully compatible with OAI systems. The archive can be indexed by national or international OAI system without any extra effort.
  • It is Web 3.0 ready with RDFa support.
  • All metadata is stored in compliance with international standards in the DublinCore infrastructure.
  • Thanks to the Semantic Web compliant design, the use of new generation Web technologies is always possible.
  • Robust Filtering
  • Researchers can access the material they are looking for in a flash by applying filters for types, languages, formats, dates and many more.
  • The filtering system allows the narrowing of results step by step, allowing the researchers to find what they are looking for in a pool of information which may seem infinite in the beginning.
  • Frequently used filters can be saved.

Results Only a Touch Away

  • Search results are given in a simple yet informative interface.
  • Researchers can save materials as their favorites, and can manage favorites in folders neatly.
  • Search results can be downloaded in XML, JSON, Plain Text, HTML, Excel, CSV, RDF and MARC formats.

Stay Updated with RSS Feeds

  • Almost all data in the system is available in the RSS format.
  • Researchers can follow their subjects of interest, authors, new additions or changes in publications by subscribing to the related RSS feed.

... and More

  • With the help of a broad selection of Social Media tools, users can share the information they want, when they want and where they want.
  • Thanks to the metadata infrastructure designed and optimized for Google and Google Scholar, the largest search engines in the world will send traffic to your system. So your institution will have greater visibility resulting in a better ranking on Webometrics and similar systems.



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